When disaster strikes, fire fighters respond. They ride out hurricanes in the firehouse and remain on duty for days afterward, responding to whatever needs their community might face. They are on the frontline of massive wildfires for weeks on end with little or no time for rest. Tornados, flash floods, ice storms- no matter the challenge, fire fighters respond.

Many fire fighters live in the communities they serve and their own families and homes suffer the same damage as their neighbors. Instead of being able to go home and deal with these issues, they remain on duty and ready to help others.

Fortunately, fire fighters always respond to help other fire fighters. When disaster strikes, fire fighters volunteer to come from all over the nation to help their sisters and brothers in need. They tarp roofs, cut dangerous tree limbs, and muck out houses full of water damage of brother and sister fire fighters that they often do not even know.

Disaster Relief Trailers

The NEP Foundation looks to support this noble effort by providing disaster response trailers for fire fighters to work with. These small 6’X8’ trailers carry all of the necessary equipment that responding fire fighters can use to help clean up the homes of fire fighters who have suffered damage to their homes.

National Stockpile of Equipment

A long term goal of the Foundation is to build out a national stockpile of equipment that can be deployed to fire fighters in emergency situations. Items to be stored in the stockpile include, but should not be limited to:

  • Hoods for fire fighters as part of cancer prevention efforts.
  • Equipment for fire fighters to have BEFORE a disaster strikes, such as tarps, work gloves, sunscreen, wet wipes, sanitizer, bug spray, generators, blowers, etc.
Fire fighters have your backs.
Now you can have theirs.

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